A step by step guide as you disembark on your personal training venture, how it all starts, develops and concludes.

Primarily, the initial step is to pick up the phone or filling up the form on contact us page.


Meet and Greet, Planning for the best approach

You will be endorsed to one of our expert head trainers whom you may speak comfortably with. We take this chance you are giving us as a great opportunity of getting to know you and what you would like to achieve, then further discuss and plan a realistic approach for that goal.


Meet the Nutritionist

The next step would be to meet up with Amanda Boyle –  our professional nutritionists who is highly qualified to be your guide. She is certified and specialise in fat loss, digestion issues, stress management and will recommend the right foods to eat, suggest the best and most effective supplements for you if needed. She will also give you personal advice on time management, how you can maximise your time and stay on the path throughout your journey.

This day would also mark the time which you will look back to someday, how it was before you ever started your training and have become the new you. For this day is when you will undergo the body fat test and have before photos taken which you will not regret in the near future once you reach your goals. It is also essential to give us something to measure which comes along with careful planning and the effectivity of the training.


Meet the Trainer

Coming from the Jim Boyle Fitness team, your trainer will be your ultimate guide and partner in this challenge you are facing. All our trainers are experienced, whether 5 years or more in the field, or ex or athletes who are still currently competing, making them best equipped as your instructor.

This day denotes the beginning of your training, since you already have the knowledge and understanding of the process in line with a clear view of your goals. So now, go and trot along the path to success.