jimHi there!

My name is Jim Boyle.

Since my childhood, I have always loved engaging in both soft and vigorous sporting activities. All this is owed to my parents since without them, I wouldn’t be here working as a personal trainer. They gave me the chance to participate in different sports which later turned out to be my driving force and up to now, I still do them because of the passion the sports ignited in my life. Everyday, I try to push myself up the ladder so as to be among the few outstanding personal trainers as well as remain relevant and competitive as an athlete.

With a B.S in Sports Medicine from University of Detroit Mercy, I have highly and actively participated, engaged and worked with The California Athletic Trainers’ Association for the last 5 years. This has given me unmatchable experience and professionalism in dealing with athletes of all levels; from those in grade school to professional ones as well as “weekend warriors”. My focus is always to keep all my trainees in good form, shape and without any injuries.

I know that injuries affect athletes in a very broad manner. When athletes rehab from an injury, not only do they need strength training but also psychological counseling in order to return to their former shape. Physical strength training might be easier to athletes but gaining mental strength needs a specialist in place. To ensure that my trainees gain both physical and mental strength after an injury, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with specialization in Sports & exercise, Psychology and Substance Abuse in relation to sport. This has made me a unique trainer with exceptional approach to post injury recovery ways which bring trainees back to their former states easier and quicker.

Certifications, Credentials and Licensure

I am a certified personal trainer with a license from National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA).

Personal Activities

Whenever I am not training, I love spending my time with my family, enjoying time with my dog in the bird field as well as running up and down just to stretch the dog’s muscles.